Speech and language pathologists (commonly called speech therapists or SLPs) help children and adults who are having difficulty with one of the most critical skills a person has - communication. Children having problem with language skills, stroke victims and those struggling with dementia can benefit from speech therapy. People who stutter or have other voice difficulties are taught methods to help them communicate more effectively.

Technology - Reaching Out to Those Who Need Speech Therapy

For many years, the standard practice has been for either the client or therapist (or both) to travel to the meeting. Long distances, busy schedules, health problems or other difficulties can make it difficult or impossible for some to receive needed therapy. Technology has bridged the gap, making it possible for clients to receive the help they need from online speech and language therapy in California.

Studies have found that distance speech therapy is just as effective as sessions conducted in person. Some people, in fact, find the online therapy more comfortable than actually face-to-face sessions.

Flexibility and Time Management

Online therapy sessions allow both the client and SLP to make the best use of their time. SLPs don’t have to waste valuable hours driving. Clients can schedule meetings when it’s most convenient. If it’s necessary to reschedule a session, it’s much easier to do so. Schools find online speech therapy much simpler to fit into their daily routines.

Improved Outcomes

The critical factor in speech therapy is for the client and SLP to be able to see and hear each other. Online meetings satisfy this requirement. In fact, many children and adults receive more benefit from the meeting when they don’t have to deal with the anxiety caused by being close to the SLP.

Reduced Costs

Clients normally pay less for online therapy since the SLP doesn’t have to travel or cover the expense of an office. Many SLPs work from their homes. Schools are helped with tight budgets because they don’t need to pay for the services of a full-time speech therapist.

Telespeech Therapy provides online speech therapy to children and adults. They are a certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Their mission is to allow more people to have better access to the speech therapy that they need from a trained and skilled professional. Visit the website to learn how online speech therapy could help you, your school or your organization.